Choose one of our courses to help you stay in shape
and rediscover balance and wellbeing.

From water based courses to pilates and yoga and from latin dance to kali kalasang, we’ve definitely got something to suit you!






Choose one of our fitness courses to restore perfect physical shape and general wellbeing whilst having fun to the rhythm of music.


The principal characteristics of this discipline are those of harmoniously toning the body and burning calories through aerobic training in time to music.


Training involves all bodily muscle groups and uses fitness equipment such as steps, dumbbells elastic cords and medicine balls.


This discipline involves free body gymnastics carried out to music. Thanks to its moderate cardiovascular intensity it is effective for general wellbeing, improving resistance and muscular elasticity.


This discipline includes a series of physical exercises of both low and high intensity that are carried out at intervals. The principal objective is to improve speed and physical cardiovascular shape.


These gymnastics are characterised by a set of exercises that reestablish muscular balance and usually concentrate on areas of the body that are stiffer and more painful in order to reestablish correct posture.


This is low impact gymnastics carried out to the rhythm of music to obtain the maximum cardiovascular benefits as well as muscular toning and definition.


Chose to train in water with our courses carried out in our heated indoor pool. Relax and abandon stress while toning the body uniformly and improving circulation.


This water-based gymnastics discipline helps combat the signs of cellulite and improve muscular tone and elasticity, joint flexibility and circulation whilst reducing stress and tension. During the work-out a range of specific equipment is used.


This discipline consists prevalently of aerobic activity and is carried out using special water bikes. During training the body undergoes a constant massage by the water that is benefical for muscles, stimulates circulation and which is effective at combatting cellulite.


Balance, breathing and relaxation are some of the fundamental principles of the diciplines of Yoga and Pilates. Discover our offers.


This is a type of gymnastics the teaches how to improve posture and give movements increased harmony and fluidity. This activity is based on important principles: concentration and control, precision, balance and breathing, as deep and fluid inhalation and exhalation are an integral part of all the exercises.


Piloga is a discipline conceived to reestablish the correct equilibrium between body and mind through a fusion of Pilates and Yoga. This activity uses exercises for lengthening the spine and stimulating the abdominal musculature uniting the concentration of yoga with the improvement of physical balance and the toning action of pilates.


This discipline of Indian origin is a type of yoga characterised by the combination of controlled breathing and the execution of series of asanas. Through this practice, which unites correct breathing (Ujjayi), the asanas, vinyasa (breathing synchronised with movement), drshti (direction of gaze) and the activation of bandhas, infinite benefits can be gained.


Free your energy with our Latin Dance course or try Kali Kalasag, a martial art of Filipino origin.


This course combines latin american dance steps (mambo, salsa, merengue, bachata, cha-cha, samba, jive, paso doble, tango and rumba) with cardio training and is designed to make working out fun.


This is a complete martial art in which technique and fluidity of movement are key points. In Kali Kalasag the study of weapons is carried out alongside unarmed combat and percussion techniques naturally combine with articular leverage and floor combat.